Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Korean Adventure

Few days ago I am craving for Korean food and since they open a korean xpress at my mall's food court called "Kimchi" I want to try Kimchi beef fried rice in mild spice! Oh boy sooo good! While I was eating I kind of google on my Blackberry if we have a nearest Korean store who sells korean things! And I found this lil store called "Arirang" maybe just a few blocks away from the mall! I'm so curious that after eating, me and my daughter drove to that little store and yep its so cute! I bought few things there! Bought 2 korean noodles to try out! Then I bought a hello kitty slippers soo kawaii lol! And this is the most exciting part they sell korean face mask woooot! The brand "dermal" so I got the green tea, ginseng and cucumber mask! That same night I tried the green tea one and yep its so refreshing! Made my skin so soft! I tried the individual mask things u get from walmart and those make my face so dry! But I'm loving this Dermal Korean face far I didn't break out yet,so its perfect! 1 sachet is $1.99 not too bad on a price huh!? I am also looking for a BB cream, they have one on sale but I never heard of the brand so I skip on that but they have a bunch of Leinage skincare things but yaiiks so pricey!!

And oh next door....Cafe Asia! Baby and I ordered bubble tea yumm! So excited I didn't even took a picture with my taro bubble tea errr!

Oh tnx to those who entered my give away! And to those who wants to join well... Still have lotsa time to join! :)
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Jannie said...

sis! wow. mukhang masarap 'yung kimchi beef fried rice ah. :D i am game for anything spicy. i LOOOVE spicy food. even though i can't handle the spice sometime, sige pa rin ng sige. hahaha...

i'm glad you found a korean shop that's close by. i've always wanted to try bb creams and face masks. ahhh... the beauty of blackberry. maybe i should do a search if there is a shop around here too. the only korean products i can find around here are those makeup removing wipes. those are awesome as well. the prices are good too. :D

herroyalbleakness said...

i'll pas on korean food for now, the first time(and the last) i munched on korean food was in singapore--- it was too spicy for my liking!i ended up ordering more mineral water than korean cuisine! sigh. but i ought to give it a chance and look for restos that offer variations in spice.

ive tried dermal face mask in green tea, too! they're cool and nice but i dont really know what they do for the skin (aside from being a face fridge).

Laneige skincare is really pricey outside korea. perhaps because they're paying a real popular actress to endorse it. but she's pretty and draws a bunch of oglers and potential yea, laneige might be steep for a while.

enjoy your kawaii loot nancy. big hugs to lauren!