Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Pics

Pictures of randomness from my days off! I can't think of anything to title this post lol! So I am blogging directly again from my we go with some captions! Pic1: my friend is into doing mani/pedi so she did my nails last Friday, me loves it! Isn't it so pretty?! Pic2: loving bf with my sick daughter ugh i don't like it when babies get sick, but so cute together in that pic lol! Pic3: My first L'occitane products! I picked up an eyeshadow duo beige brocart and a little rose handcream to try! Overall I like em its just too pricey lol! Pic4: Finally snowfall ahaha! It was so bad on the road last Thursday and Friday but it didn't stop me to go out to do important things! Pic5: OMG this is the best dessert ever! White Brownies with vanilla icecream, whipcream and choco drizzles! I am craving this now so I might go to Moxies again on my days off ahaha! Pic6: when I saw this at the dollar store I just have to get it! I put em at my cell holder in my vehicle and it looked so cute! Makes me smile everytime I see it! :)
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Jannie said...

awww... hehe... cute pic of lauren and your honey. it's great that he and lauren are getting along with each other really well. it's really sweet of them too. i hope she is feeling better, by the way. kakalungkot nga pag sick 'yung mga bata. lalo na pag baby like lauren. they can't really tell you in detail what's bothering them.

wow. i did not know l'occitane sells makeup too. i thought it was just skincare. the e/s duos look gorgeous. speaking of e/s, in case you come across the stila palette again, it's a must-have. it's reasonably priced, especially for stila. plus, four colors and a cheek color will come in very handy for travel. actually, puwede rin sa lips yung cheek color na 'yon. :D

thank you for wishing me to get well soon, sis. okay na ako. yay! sana magaling na rin si lauren. take care. :)