Friday, October 8, 2010

MAC's VV Hype

So I went to Mac a couple times to check out the new MAC collection Venomous Villains and of course the talk about blush "Bite of an Apple"! The 1st time I went to check out, the MAC counter was too busy so I didn't bother! Then the 2nd time I went and ask for the blush the MAC lady told me it was sold out the day it came out! I was like u freaking serious hmmp! So anyways I told myself no big deal, I didn't want it that much nways! But because it was so popular and everyone that got the VV collection got the blush and said it was amazing ughhh I want the blush even more LOL! Enough said....I went to a different mall 2day with my daughter then go to the MAC store and sadly it was sold out too! Oh well because Lauren was being a good girl I got time to look and walk around so we also went to check out The Bay and they have MAC counter inside. I ask one of the MAC ladies if they still have the blush and they have 1 left!!! I was like wuhoooooo!

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