Friday, September 24, 2010

If you live here in Canada you know Winter Jackets are very important coz it gets Coolllllddddd Brrrr LOL! But also you want to be fashionable and comfortable! I had few winter jackets but its nice to invest a jacket that u can use it casually and also that can match a formal attire too! I found and fell inlove with this jacket at the store called Dynamite. The price of this jacket is very reasonable $99.90CDN compared to other jackets I've looked at other stores! So I got the tonal plaid zip coat! Greyish in color, made of wool and the cool thing I like with this coat was the zipper! Most of my jackets are with buttons and I hate them because they always comes off and I will end up sewing them back in LOL! I just love it...winter is just around the corner and Im excited to wear this baby! So definitely check out Dynamite store near you with other winter jackets/coats...also lots of trendy accessories and clothes! I love that store :)


Jannie said...

wow. that's a nice coat, sis. malamig na ba diyan? dito, grabe... it's really hot. as much as i like warmer weather, this heat is too much. can't wait to wear coats...and go shopping for them too. :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow I really like the coat! & the whole button thing, I feel you on that. lol I cannot stand having to sew buttons back on. I know it seems like something so simple but I don't like sewing them on. hahah. I want a coat like that with a zipper! :)