Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gap City Flats

Started with an email from GAP saying they are having a 40% off all the regular merchandise so of course I got excited just because I've been wanting to buy a Gap fleece hoodie for my daughter since its getting cold now! Me, Lauren and the Bf went to the nearest Gap and oh my it was packed LOL! Bf wants new jeans so he went a little crazy buying 3 pairs of jeans oh well he took advantage on the sale what can I say haha! I got Lauren a cute grey/pink hoodie and it really looked so cute on her!Also it got my attention was the City Flats in metallic brown! When you walk into the store on one side it got the whole wall of different colors of flats! They are so cute! I want them but I look at the price its freakin $39.50! I was like are u serious.....cute but doesn't look like they are durable and it aint gonna last long! But I WANT IT! I went back and forth just to decide if I want to get it or not but I decided I just want them so I got it hehe! Plus I need something to easily take it with me when I travel! It comes with a pretty pouch too!

You can still find them at GAP website or visit this blog....she talked about the exactly same flats on her blog plus she got more pics on them! I visited the Gap website just now and gosh the review about this flats are terrible! They are not cheap but hey I got 40% off in them so not too bad but still expensive for flats like this! hmmmm hope it'll work out for me! I feel comfy when I tried them on! *crossing my toes* on them! LOL!


sparklingpinkgorilla said...

I've seen these talked about to death on some websites but I had no idea they were that expensive! Wow. At least you got 40% off. I like they come with a pouch. We all need some flats in our bag to lean on when our cute uncomfortable shoes get the best of us. But I've been seeing a lot of companies doing this type of thing. In fact I think Dr.Scholls (sp?) has some at the drugstore for around $10. I'm sure they wouldn't hold up well, so let us know how these work out! It might be worth it.

Jannie said...

haha... now i'm going to the nearest GAP when i get the chance. those flats are adorable. i like how they come with a bag. i never really put shoes in a bag, but the bag sure will come in handy for something else. maybe another makeup bag. mine's kinda packed with junk already. lol.

looks like you, lauren, and the bf had fun shopping. i can imagine how adorable lauren will look in her hoodie.

which chanel foundie did you buy? is it the pro-lumiere one? i heard it gives a nice dewy look. i kinda want to try the chanel ones, but i'll probably wait for a while. even though they cost an arm, a leg, and a thigh, i'm pretty sure they're worth it. hehe... i want to try out their lipstick too. saw some nice swatches of them on youtube videos. :)

please let us know, sis, how the chanel foundation works out for you pag nasubukan mo na. me very curious here. hehe... :) take care and stay warm. it's getting quite cold and rainy here too. lol.