Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's been a month already since my trip to NYC and NJ! It was an awesome trip! I'm glad we went there its really fun! I'm MIA though here in blog world lol! I'm so busy at work....trying to catch up with overtime so I could bank them for my next trip (uhm maybe?)! I'm spending a lot of time too with my boyfriend and my daughter on my days off! Here is a pic of me in Big Apple :)

In a few days me, my daughter and BF will go for a roadtrip to Minneapolis! We need all to get together and get out of the city again! We only live once so let us live our lives to the fullest...TRAVEL travel and more travel!

Will update my blog again a lil laters....take care ya'll! bye for now!

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Jannie said...

hey, sis! miss ya, girl! pareho tayong MIA sa blog. yeah, trabaho din and on my days off, parelax-relax naman at tinutulungan ko si justin naman sa homework nya. he started kindergarten a few weeks ago.

wow, girl. looks like you had an awesome time at NJ and NYC. that trip to minneappolis with lauren and the bf sounds exciting. are you going to the outlet there? coz i'm pretty sure CCO will have a lot of goodies.

love your blouse in the pic, btw. it's very cute. it's great seeing an update from you. take care, sis. :)