Friday, July 23, 2010

Shit Happens

At the moment we are here in New Jersey USA at my Aunt Alice's house! I won't go any details how excited I am for this trip! Our airplane trip to Newark airport was a breeze until I noticed I don't have my digital camera with me! I knew before I got up and get out of the plane I put it in my pocket but if you have a 2 year old going in and out of the stroller bending down and getting up then possibility that I dropped my digital camera somewhere near our gate or even inside the plane! Called the airline, filled a lost and found form on their website and I also called the security on the airport as well but nothing yet so far errr! I love my 3 year old Nikon Coolpix 7mp silver digital camera but I'm more upset about my memory SD card! I have over 1000 pictures in it ugh!

Enough said...I bought a new digital camera here in New Jersey! What do you know, I bought another Nikon Coolpix 12mp in black digital camera! Its cheap at Bestbuy so mind as well buy a brand of camera that I'm used to using it! I love my old one that I seriously want another one but this time its better quality coz its 12mp and the buttons are updated, easier to use and navigate!

Anyways weather here in NJ is pure hotness...sooo humid that u want to take all your clothes off ahaha! But my aunt's house got a little pool at the back and its so nice to swim for a bit and just relax!

Shopping wise here in NJ is awesome, bought majority of all the things I want! Just a few more things! I still have yet to control my spending coz next week we are going to NYC!


~Lisa said...

Awww...that sucks!! And 1000 photos?!? That's a lot of precious memories! Did you upload them into your computer before you lost it though?

& Glad you're having fun in NJ

Jannie said...

hey, sis. sorry to hear about the lost camera. that sucks that a lot of nice pics were in there too. i'm glad you got to replace your camera though. i'm also glad you and lauren are having a nice time in NJ.

i'm excited about your trip to NYC. i know that'll be a fun one. you ladies take care. :D