Friday, July 9, 2010

MAC and Things

My "no new makeup" rule just ended just now by showing you that I went to MAC to buy couple things! I needed a back up for my studio fix powder NC40 because I am running low and I don't want to run to the store when I'm completely out ahaha and then I saw they have the new collection out ("in the groove") so I was like hmmm I don't need anymore makeup but I really really like the cremesheen lipstick "jazzed" so I got that too! I love how its nice on my pigmented lips! Other than that I didn't get anything else! They have mineralized eyeshadow trios and lipglosses but I kind of hold back on those lol!

Then I got more things...I found this cute big sunglass at Esprit for only $5, I mean wow, I just have to get it! Then I passed by at Sephora and I want to try Sephora's lip primer stick, it was on sale for $8 and got a lip liner too for $3! Then of course new earrings from Suzy Sheir $2.50, cute for summer :)

I want to go back to MAC this wkend and maybe look for a new blush....errrr ahaha! My MAC addiction just kicks in again! Someone please rescue me waaaaaa! ciao!


Anna said...

It's so hard to stay away from makeup, noh? Hehe! I've also banned myself from buying makeup for a while... but I always itch to walk into makeup stores whenever I'm at the mall! Hehe! Nice pink color. And what a great buy at Esprit! I love Sales! Hehe!

Jannie said...

hahaha... i can't rescue you from your mac addiction, girl. i need some fixing myself. hahahaha... but yeah, i've missed you here on the blogging scene. it's a good thing you're keeping busy with lauren, the bf, and work. sometimes blog/internet diets come in handy. :) oh, and wooooot for the trip to NYC. that's gonna be lotsa fun, sis. :D i'm excited for ya. looking forward to some pics. :D

wow. ang ganda naman sa 'yo ng jazzed. it suits you beautifully. i was going to get that, but i as fowent for the crazy purple go for it instead. eh wala pa akong purple kaya yun na lang. in case i come back for jazzed, i have a feeling it's all gone. hehehe...

as for the revlon foundation. 'di na rin masama yung price. although i will always stick with my studio tech. hehehe... umm... hints of mac addiction. LOL.

wow. lip primer at sephora? gotta check that one out. i haven't used a lip primer before. i'm curious now.

take care, sis. happy weekend. :D