Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm Juiced

Not juiced like drunkity drunk lol! I have a new Juicy Couture Earrings! Yey I'm inlove with this earrings! I originally bought it for my 2 year old Daughter but its still kind of big on her so I will buy her something else but for now its mine ahaha! These earrings are adorable little crown with small swarovski accents to it! I got this at The Bay! Im still lemming for the Juicy Couture Key necklace, I will definitely get that next time! :)

I am so lazy to blog lately, my apologies lovelies! Take care ya'll will blog more soon!


Jannie said...

hey, sis. the earrings are darling. hehe... love the little crowns. :)

about blogging, yeah, i miss ya. then again, i've been feeling lazy to blog too. my entries are quite sporadic.

oh yeah, i tagged you for an award. well, when ya get the chance, you'll see it. hehe...

take care and yep. that juicy key necklace will be adorable too. tc, sis. :)

Jannie said...

hey, sis. salamat sa warm blackberry welcome. :D excited ako. hehe... oh yeah, where do you find the pin number? i don't know mine yet. hehe... sa website ba makikita 'yon? pag na-discover ko, ibibigay ko sa 'yo. tc. :)