Friday, June 11, 2010


Sorry lovelies if I was Missing In Action lately here on blogger world! Too busy with life and what not LOL! Anyways dear BF's Bday just passed last June 5th and we celebrated just us with Lauren! We went to the country side on his parent's house! It was nice to spend time with him for couple days in a nice quiet place but honestly it drives me crazy a little bit so as Lauren ahaha! In some point we drove back in the city and kinda walk around the mall coz we look so bored :/ Then we brought a massive cake for him on the following day at work! Here are some few pics for ya'll ......

Will do blog again shortly I promise.... but thats it for now! :)


Jannie said...

yay for the new post, sis. i really miss your posts. i'm glad you updated us. i like the pictures too. the countryside is so lovely, but yeah, the quiet will drive me crazy too. hehehe... where i live is a bit too quiet for me already even though it's just suburbia.

my favorite pic is the one of lauren smiling and bf is sleeping in the background. so cute. i'm glad you guys had fun. you all looked happy too. take care. :)

Anna said...

Sounds like a relaxing trip nga. I love quiet, relaxing getaways, but not for too long. I guess in the end, I'm still a city girl at heart! Hehe! :)