Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shift Change

Work-wise I am officially on a 12 hour shift for 3days a week, meaning I will get more days off! I got more time to spend with Lauren! The sudden change was really tough but I gotta do it in some point! I met a new babysitter just incase my ex-in-law's schedule will not work out... but for now Lauren is back and forth with her grandparents! ugh! I liked my shift better than working 8hours a day for 5days a week, 12 hours a day for 3 days a wk seemed pretty quick but I am still adjusting especially waking up so early! I am working day shift for a change 7am till 7pm Sunday till Tuesday! Also, babe and I are working on same shift and I'm excited about that but we really don't work together but we see each other all the time now :) Right now I'm on my days off and it feels so good to relax and not be at work 5 days a week LOL!

Last Saturday babe and I attended our co-worker's son's 3rd Bday party!

Dylan the Bday boy, Me, Babe and my baby Lauren! Looks like a family picture...well almost LOL! I like this pic a lot just because all of us look in the camera! Too bad Lauren didn't smile at all :P

2day me and Lauren went to the mall to pick out her flower girls dress for a wedding in June...but I just got frustrated because its really hard to get her dress size! Lauren is 2 years old but she is small compared to other 2 yrs olds so size 2 is way too big on her and size XL on infant size is way too small ugh! The bride told me a specific color, style of the dress but shit happens eh so I end up with nothing! I need a white, poofffy dress with royal blue sash/ribbons...NADA! I will check out other dress shop in the city next week ahmp!

To make me feel better I passed by at Naturalizer outlet and to my surprise I feel in love with these pair! I can't believe how comfortable they are, perfect heel height and goes well with anything! Love it!

Hey... I can wear these babies to the wedding though LMAO!


SwatchCrazee said...

thanks for the bday greeting sweetie! hope u had a good one too. i see ur also a taurean. so happy for u that u found ur special sum1!

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

cute kids, cute shoes, cOngrats on the shift change that actually sounds lovely especially to have days off!!

Jannie said...

girl, i'm glad the new shift is working out for you. the good thing about working 3 days a week (even though the hours are long) is that you get to plan ahead for the rest of the week. :D

cute pic of you, lauren, your sweetie, and the little boy. bagay na bagay talaga kayo. ingat. :D

Jannie said...

sis, i was looking into getting NYX jumbo pencils. wala lang palagi ang kulay na gusto ko. that's milkshake. then again, i'd probably do the same. they'll be shoved, unused in a drawer. knowing how much i do not like sharpening pencils (except a couple brow ones), i'd be too lazy to fiddle with the jumbo ones. good thing i resisted buying them.

sayang ang blush. they're pretty, but just too dang chalky. i feel like my brush is going to scrape everything off without mercy. that's how powdery and chalky it is.

i'm guessing you have the blush that looks quilted that's kinda square, huh? those would've been pretty too.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm really happy to hear that you're liking your new shifts! :)

I can imagine how glad you are to spend 4 days a week with Lauren <3 And I'm sure that in no time you'll be able to get used to wake up early for the 7 to 7 shift.

&& That picture does look like a family pic! ;D

Jannie said...

hey, sis. thanks sa picture comments ah. ganda rin naman skin mo ah. makinis at flawless. kaya maganda kang magdala ng makeup at damit. :)