Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pre-BDAY and NYC in July Post

Yep its really me ...making some time to blog because its a great relaxing Saturday morning! Anyways let me start to say about me and the boyfriend went to watch Shen Yun Performing Arts Concert last Wednesday April 7 at Centennial Concert Hall. It was amazing! I love their costumes so colorful and flowy soo cute! Performances consist of Opera singing, classic Chinese dances mix with props, dresses and unique dance techniques! Kind of like Chinese ballet performance I would say to describe the show :) Boyfriend enjoyed it, he's such a weirdo LOL!

Boyfriend and I's California trip got doomed! It's not going to happen! I was kind of disappointed at first but thinking that boyfriend is moving to the city and getting a house is a big step for him, I should be happy for him right? It'll be more convenient for him to go to work and school and of course living near me ehehe! He won't be driving all the way to the country side every single day! I just hope we are not get sick of each other, because we are used to be apart all the time! Now we are managing to see each other once or twice a week but if he finally lives in the city then we can get together more often! Yay or eh?!

My filed vacation at work will not be wasted anyways, baby Lauren and my Dad decided to visit my aunt Alice in New Jersey and not far to the awesomeness of New York City wooopp! It's official now! We finally booked our flight in July 20-Aug 01! Lucky Lauren is going on a trip little traveller will have so much fun with me and her "Lolo" ehehe! I so excited but won't expect too much or else I will get disappointed if it doesn't turn out what I wanted, too much excitement will hurt ahaha! But my agenda for sure at NYC is to go to Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park and of course the famous China Town for shopping, I heard a lot of people go there to shop coz they have cheap things!

My Bday is coming up....April 22 that is! I'm turning 28 ugh! I'm getting a year old, in a couple years I'll hit the big 3-0! :( My bday falls on a Thursday this year, meaning I'm working! I don't want to take a day off and celebrate but i know for sure that I'm not working the next day so the plan is just take my family and close friends for dinner on a Friday! Boyfriend is saying he might surprise me with something LOL! Oh well, pretty much guys thinks that flowers, chocolates, cards or jewelry will surprise us girls this days? hehe! Whatever the boyfriend gets me, i will appreciate it...even if he will not get me anything its ok too! As long as he's here with me on my bday its all good! :) I should be working on my bday wishlist but I really don't want anything this year as I have what I really wanted but I still have to buy some makeup essentials like MAC concealer and powder foundation that I am running low now! Definitely at Sephora I'm still hunting a good face primer, also wanting to try the Urban Decay eye primer in "eden"! See I don't want anything bwahaha jk!


Jannie said...

wooo... lapit na pala birthday mo. and 28 is still very young. at least 'di ka pa past the calender like some person i know here. *cough* hahaha...

sorry to hear the cali trip got canceled. well, there'll always be another cali trip with BF sometime soon. :) plus, the NYC and jersey one with your family sounds cool. i'm sure baby lauren will have fun. :) oh, how i miss going on trips. hopefully i'll get to go to canada. daig pa ako ni justin. nakarating na sya dyan. hehe...

glad to hear you and BF had a great time at the shen yun concert. their fliers are always so pretty with the people dressed in colorful costumes. it sounds interesting to watch.

ang cute nyong dalawa sa pic. :D it's also great he's moving closer to you. yay! at least his new location will be more convenient. work, school, and you. hehe... :D

Jannie said...

bilib ako sa honey mo ah. that's good news he bought a house. about the workload para bayaran nya, makakaya nya 'yan. :) masipag naman syang magtrabaho. :)

yup, you said it, sis. :D makeup is makeup and we love it. we just can't have enough. hehehe... especially when cute, pretty, and hard to resist things come out. :) wow ah. galing ng memory mo ah. natatandaan mo pa nung two drawers pa lang ang makeup ko. 'di ko akalain na sobrang nakakaadik ang makeup. i thought i'd be fine with just a few pieces. lol.

wow. lucky girl. at least you'll get to see NYC. seeing the tourist spots there sure is exciting and i can imagine the shopping spree you'll be having too. hehe... :D

paris will be an awesome next destination for your travel list. it's such a beautiful and romantic place. hopefully in the future makakarating ako doon, pero uunahan ko muna ang canada and NYC.

ooh. winter sure will be a good time to go to canada. justin has always wanted to see snow. summer kasi nung nagpunta sila ng lola nya kaya di sya nakakita ng snow. i bet it's a beautiful winter wonderland over there. :) ayos pala. we can have tim hortons in the chilly weather too. hehehe... :D