Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anna's 7thYR Anniversary

Where did all the time go? Because I didn't even notice all these years blogging about whatever in my life and known great awesome friends thru blogging world! One of them is Anna...I'm fascinated by her blog and I love all her blog entry posts! I kind of lost my interest in blogging for few years back but 2 years ago I'm so glad that I found her blogsite again and I added her right away! I get excited when I see new post from her (naks!) Wow 7 year Anniversary? was it that long already? Anyways she's having a Moleskin Give nice of her to give some of her Moleskin notebooks huh :P

This is my entry for Anna's 7th year Anniversary Moleskin giveaway!

1 comment:

Jannie said...

wow. how time flies at 7 years nagblo-blog si anna. didn't you start blogging at the same time too? i remember your blogs before, girl. hehe... ang ganda ng giveaway nya. this is nice for people who love to write and draw. i love doing both. :)

uyyy ha. may date night pala kayo ha. watching a concert/play sounds like fun. haven't been to one of those. i'm sure you two lovebirds will have a blast. :D

thank you nga pala, yep, i'm feeling better now. :D kailangan ko lang ng pahinga. i haven't gotten a lot of that lately. have fun tonight. take care. :D