Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bare Minerals Minis

So I got the urge to go visit Sephora on my days off...I haven't step in to Sephora in a long time so I just went there to check out couple things! I want to view the Tokidoki cosmetic line, i loveee the packaging its way too cute but I stop myself of buying anything from that line LOL! Also I went to swatch the new Urban Decay eye primer in "eden" and im just 'eh' whatever! Just when I came home that same day I placed my Sephora order online, so stupid to buy online coz it seems like I'm paying double all the time with the taxes and shipping fees ugh but kinda exciting to know u will get something in the mail hahaha! I ordered the UB in eden, the Benefit's Minis and then I got the Rosebud's Lipbalm/moisturizer! So excited to get it hmm and oh plus my Bday gift rewards woot! Also 3 free samples I picked out from the website yey!

Oh wait, didn't came out of the store empty handed I actually bought this travel size duo the Bare Minerals Lustworthy Lips and Lashes mini mascara and gloss duo! Look how cute they are!

Here's my little review about them i kinda used these babies yesterday! The Lipgloss in "strawberry creme" is awesome! I love it coz it aint sticky at all, smells like vanilla butter, not overpower smell tho and there is no after taste, so smooth to apply and last longer than any other lipgloss I tried so I'm happy about that! I'm excited to try the mascara I tried it today too for the 2nd time and I'm not too sure about it, it definitely gives me the length but didn't separate/volumize at all and also it didn't hold up my curl on my lashes....oh well I'm still going to use this mascara anyways! This duo cost me $19CDN hmm its not too bad eh!


Jannie said...

oh, wow, sis. the bare minerals minis are pretty. plus, the gloss is a cute color on you. love the sweet and natural look of it. :)

aaah! sana naman may tokidoki sa sephora in penney's, but i doubt they'd have it. limited brands lang ang andoon. those tokidoki lipstains look nice too. i've seen it on a couple girls and the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. :)

it's always nice to get prettied up for our BFs. it's so worth it when they love and appreciate our dolled up looks too. even with hardly or no makeup, there's no denying they love it more. hehe... :D

oh, gosh. men are quite impossible to find presents for. lol. it took me a couple hours to look for a present. i was thinking all along to get him cologne, but i wasn't sure if he'd like it. 'di kasi palasuot ng pabango yon. buti yun din nairegalo ko. yun pala wala pa syang pabango kaya talagang masaya sya. i just hope he will wear it a lot. :)

ay. napahaba ito. hehe... o sige, ingat, sis. oh yeah, thanks for the lip gloss review too. must check out the gloss coz the color is gorgeous. it's great to hear it's not sticky too. :)

DSK said...

oooh the mascara wand is so unique!