Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Boots

I fell inlove with Uggs when they first came out but hell they are expensive! But there are lots of alternative cheaper brands out there so first my ex-hubby bought the brand bear paws in light brown, I remember he bought it Valentines day when my daughter is only almost 2 months old! I totally love that one and I still have em! Still soft but u can tell its worn out oh well its been 2 years now eh! Then I bought a black tall Uggs for cheap online, its only been a year and it gave up on me, meaning the lining on the inside was ripped and the rubber sole cracked! So sad! I so love the color black it totally match any outfit so I needed a replacement so I shop around but I don't mind Uggs again but when I saw these....oh my they are cute! I told myself I have to look around first! Dear BF wants me to get leather boots but I have one of those and I need boots that I could comfortably wear everyday, so the next day I went back to Soft Moc shoe store and bought this one!

Very comfy and the buckle detail on the side and yes with lil pocket made the boots looks so cute! It's black suede and has merino wool lining with zipper closure! And I got the last one in the store and its on my size wooot! Lucky much?! yeahhhh! Me lovesss it! :D

Oh about my Valentines? uhm it went pretty awesome! He picked me up as usual here in my house gave me flowers and a sweet/funny card and then we went to watch the much talk about movie Avatar in 3D! For me the movie is just ok not what I expected but oh well its fun coz I'm with babe! After movie me and him went to see a Play "lion king" that one of our co-worker's daughter was in it! The kids are so adorable! After the play we grab a lil late dinner at Perkins and then we went to his house a lil outside the city and I met his dog, oh my that dog knows how to tickle me.... he's really friendly! We watched a movie called "very bad things" funny movie but NOT really haha! Then......that's it! Thats my Valentines day, just with my hunnie babe the whole time and the next day! First time in a long time I felt so loved and so happy with someone *cheesssy noh* LOL!


Jannie said...

i'm so happy you had a happy valentine with your honey. :) looks like you guys had fun with the movie, kids' play, dinner, and of course, some quality sweet time with just the two of you. :)

Jannie said...

oh, yes, the feeling of feeling loved is the sweetest feeling ever. ayy. nag-overdose na ako sa feeling. but yeah, it's true. :)

Iyah said...

I love the boots! and yay for a happy valentine's :D

Anna said...

I wish I lived in a place where I could wear boots. I bought a pair of brown knee-length boots almost 2 years ago, and I haven't even worn it once! Haha! Those black ones look nice and comfy nga.

Oh, and I'm glad you had an awesome valentine's day with your sweetie! :)


Jannie said...

girl, u must be super-busy at work. wanna tell u that i miss your posts though. hehe... take care. :)