Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Title of this post is just "Christmas" with "?" yup, I don't know but this year I don't feel the real spirit of Christmas! I didn't even do my Christmas shopping or any Christmas decorations at home! Don't get me wrong I am huge fan of Christmas holidays! Last year I started shopping like around Sept or Oct and by November I'm done haha! NOW....NONE! Been thinking of just buying gift cards as gifts but I'm not a gift card person myself ugh! I might do a last minute shopping this Friday on my day off ahaha we shall see!

On other side of a problem....my darling daughter Lauren is turning 2 on December 26th and I haven't even plan anything for her bday yet! I was thinking to eat out in a nice restaurant with family, give her a big present and wish her that she'll be healthy and happy all the time! I'm still on the hunt what should I get her for her bday, on her Christmas present I bought her clothes so for her bday i would get her toys that she really like....maybe a Nihao Ke-lan talking doll? or Dora things? She pretty much like to play with my itouch but i am not buying her a new itouch thats just crazy! I don't know what toy should a 2 year old would enjoy nowadays they like all the high-tech toys, hmmm so maybe I will get her those educational leap-frog toys! Grrr so STRESSful to think huh?! I just want her to be happy! lol!

Whatelse to blog here ahm oh I tried fixing my blog about posting pics here but i need more time to work on this thing haha, i will definitely fix my blog or even change my boring layout soon probably on my Christmas holidays which I'm off work full 4 days yey! I'll try to bake and cook and decorate the house LMAO not happening! LOL!

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Jannie said...

hope you enjoyed your day off last friday. :) did you do some christmas shopping? i'm done with mine. i have like about two people left too. gift cards are my last resort. haha... i know i'll have to give my brother one because guys his age range are picky.

it's so much fun picking out a gift for lauren. dora or kailan are great choices. and yes, leap frog is great too. she'll have fun while learning. :)

after your post with the beauty rush glosses, i wanted to get me some beauty rush too. they are addicting or addictive. hehe... can't think right now.

take care. and yes, let's continue counting the days til christmas. :)