Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sorry guys! My winner for my contest is way long overdue! I am having problems with my blogger I can't upload pictures or video at the moment! But I will announce the winner anyway right now! I used to pick a winner....if u comment more than once on my blog contest post then for sure u have more than one chance to win! I just wished I could post the screen shot of the number picked by the website ( but oh well here it is.....the winner for my 2nd giveway is number 59! FIFTY NINE! and that would be IRISH! please contact me on my email with your full mailing address on thankssssss to every one who joined! and thanks to all who currently following me in blogworld woooww I love ya'll! muah!


Irish said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS???? awesome!!! thank you thank you! I can't believe I won!

Jannie said...

congratulations to your contest winner. :) sounds like your contest was a success, girl. :)

wow. i miss reading blogs too and blogging on its own. yeah, napakabusy nga. hehe... uy. good news nga pala tungkol sa bagong papa ah. congrats, sis. :D magandang balita yon especially before christmas. uyyy... ;D

i can see why you're a fan of vs very sexy perfume. love the smell. would love to get more bottles of it soon. take care, sis. yeah, keep haulin' too. miss ya. :)

Nishant said...

as for co-workers who talk, pay no mind. the gossip will die down eventually.

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