Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rambling and TAG(s): Products I Use?!

The fact that I haven't post anything here is just pure laziness and PMSing! haha! Me and Lauren went out a few times last week since we got nothing to do than mall hopping! I can see lots of moms like me hanging out in the mall pushing strollers with their little ones :D Dangg we are bored as everrrrrr I can't wait for summer so we could go somewhere else besides malling all day! So anyways I went through my daily blog dose and those tag thing is all over so I want to do mine so here it is:

TAG: What I'm Currently Using:

Shampoo: Finesse and Tresumme
Condtioner: Nothing just shampoo!

Styling products: Biosilk Serum
Shower Gel: Bath and Body (forgot what kind)
Body moisturizer:
Fruit and Passion Body Souffle'
Soft and Dri Gel
Fake Tan: None
Cleanser: ProActiv
Eye makeup remover: Sephora Face Makeup remover
Primer: Rimmel Foundation Primer
Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC40
Foundation brush: Posh Powder Brush or Quo Stippling Brush
Mac Select Cover-up NW35
Powder: Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium Plus

Blusher: Nars in Deep Throat
Bronzer: None
Highlighter: None
Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows: Mac
Eyeliner: Almay Retractable Eyeliner
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura
Eyelash base: None
Mascara: Sheer Cover and Mac Pro Longlash
Lipstick: Mac Slimshine in Ultra Elegant
Lipgloss: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in 587
Nail Colour: OPI in Onyx Black

And here's another TAG:

what’s your favourite eye shadow color to wear?
Mac's E/S in Nylon....i blend it with every eyeshadow color!

what’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?
Carmex Lip balm

what’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural?
A bit of both

which feature do you play up the most?

which feature do you try to downplay/cover up?
Acne Scars

your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist?
Mac Cosmetics

which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again?
Clean and Clear Morning glow moisturizer

which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why?
Gosh Primer, I had bad break-outs!

one beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done?

one beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done?
Anything has to do with surgeries!

one beauty trick you can share with everyone?
Believe in yourself! You can wear a red lipstick if u believe you can rock em!

best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup?
Practice makes perfect!

That's it! byeee!


Sarah said...

Stole this! Look for it on my blog when I wake up, too tired to finish it! LOL

Makeup Mama said...

You don't you conditioner??? If I didn't use it, I'd look like Amy Winehouse...not good. So you're really lucky!

About the nail polish I got, it was on sale for $5.99 at shoppers drug mart and I'm glad, cuz if it was $10, I'd spazz! Not that I'm happy about spending $5.99 on it either o_O lol.