Sunday, February 8, 2009

Follow Me!

So I had some mommy time-off this evening because my daughter's nap went longer than her usual nap so yup I updated my blog's side info -> now u can FOLLOW my blog! and if u haven't notice before u can also follow me on twitter! OR u can leave love notes on my cbox OR simply leave ur lovely comment on my postings! :D ahehe! Whatelse....hmmm FOTD? I really don't have one today as I was home all day doing house work? naah slacking and watching TV and playing with Lauren all day kind of house work bwahaha! But I can leave a picture of what's on my head at the moment.....

Our home phone is digitally crappy, we don't have dial tone all day today! That BS cable company grrr! Few months ago it does that again and then a month ago we didn't have internet all day and if u know me ... I freak out when I can't go online LOL! I called them around noon and the technician on the phone said he's going to send someone to fix it tomorrow around 1-4pm, meaning no phone till then! Why now??? ahuhuhu I really really really need to call long distance since my dad went back home in the Philippines today and I want to call him tomorrow morning just to check if he arrives safe! Plus no one can call us either, what if there is an emergency and don't know our cellphone numbers? ahhgrr now I'm freaking out ahmp!

Alright ladies....maybe another post a little later! And give me some love and follow my blog mwhaaaaah! :)


Jannie said...

yay! i'm a follower of your blog now. hehe... :)

anyway, sorry to hear about what's going on with your home phone. man, i hate when something has to be down like the internet, for example. makes me mad at the provider. i wish they could come fix your phone soon rather than make you wait til tomorrow.

i love that shawl in the picture, btw. very elegant. :)

Iyah said...

I added you on twitter! yay! :D