Thursday, February 5, 2009

New bed and book!

So I bought a new bed! Not really new because I bought just the mattress brandnew a few months ago! Then I bought head/footboard/ bedframe and boxspring last Tuesday for cheap from a local classified Ad on the website for $100! I'm cheap but I like nice things overall they look brandnew condition and I love it! So now I'm going shopping for new bed accessories pillowcases, bedsheets, flatsheets etc LOL! I am still in need of a new curtains and rods....time to hit up JYSK! :D Yup Ladies that thing besides the bed is a plastic drawers where I keep all my makeup and tools (bwahaha)! Trying to be organize because since I moved back here in my Dad's house I wasn't really unpack yet and its been like 1year now hehe! It's hard to get organize with a 1year old and u see I share space with her, she got toys everywhere and we share closet space too, her clothes is overlapping mine! I never thought it would be possible that a 1 year old got more stuff than I do...hopefully she'll get her own room a little later! (When her Dad decides to buy us a mansion lol!)

I bought this book "Confessions of Shopaholic" because its 40% off the regular book price so I just have to get it! I want to read the book as I can't go to a theater easily and watch the movie, I will need to ask a babysitter for Lauren! I'll wait for the DVD to come out! *sigh* I haven't watch movies in a theater for almost 2years now! If only I could bring my 1year old baby inside and nobody won't mind the screaming, whiny little baby...ahh I don't think so! That's what I did when "Sex and the City" came out in the theaters I just want to go but I can't, so I waited for the DVD but it sucks because my friends saw the movie the 1st day when they showed on theaters and they keep telling me it wasn't good as the tv series, they are trying to burst my bubble, which they were wrong because I love love love the movie! So anyways back to the book, I will start reading the book maybe tonight, I was so tired last night that I past out in my new bed hahaha!

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Jannie said...

what a cute bed. i love the headboard. it has a cute vintage vibe to it.

hahaha... so true. toddlers have WAY too many things. all of justin's things are in the extra room because he has way too many clothes. it's just fun clothes-shopping for these little ones. so much to choose from. :)

i love "confessions of a shopaholic." i loved the book a lot. it's very cute and fun to read. i can't wait to see the movie now. :D