Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been itching to blog for the past few days now but I can't finish a single entry coz I get distracted or just lazy to post for anything! Finally...*sigh* I got peace and quiet in here hayy! Lauren slept early plus I'm not sleepy yet coz I feel bloated ahgrr!

Skin problem? Yup I started breaking out lately...AGAIN! I don't know which product I did use for me to break out again! Might be Proactiv? duh! My foundation? I'm using Maybelline Dream Matte and Mac Studio Fix powder! I tried not to use Proactiv for a week just because ... expensive?!? But I have sort of an emergency fix if ever yah knowwww but forgot all about it till now im breaking out like crazy. The name of the product: Mena Melasma Acne Cream yup my acne saver in a pink jar! I used this since the Philippines! I got 3 jars when my dad went for vacation so this jar I'm using right now is my last one! I went looking for one last weekend, I went to the leading asian supermarket here in the city and ask for Mena, unfortunately they don't have it or carry the product at all but the salesgirl told me they have similar product called Ly-Na Pearl Face Cream so I bought it! Oh well its only $5 so why not give it a try right!?

So, I'm almost out with my good 'ol Mena cream so I started using Ly-Na and to tell you boys and girls its amaziinngggggg! Gave me that healthy glow on my skin, not too mention I got rid all my major acne in a week! I still have lil bumps here in there but hopefully few more weeks of using this baby will clear it up! Cons? The smell! It really doesn't bother me that much coz Mena have this similar scent but Ly-Na is more powerful! Its not a bad scent but I like unscented products especially face stuff! Nways its ok, the smell is kinda grew on me now so no biggie!

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