Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Macblog plus Ramblings!

I noticed its my first post for the month of October errr nice! So what is up? I've been really busy lately with Lauren, working, schooling, and working part-time??? huh??? kidding duh as if! Well I'll tell you guys what is really up, I've been MaC shopping lately, seriously I spend $$$ again on just makeup! It's disturbing enough that I have this growing interest on cosmetics! So here are some of the stuff I got at MacStore (yesterday): My 1st ever Mac Blush "Melba" , Browset in "Mink", NeoSciFi e/s in Expensive Pink and lastly I got my first Mac e/s pallete, I just have to fill it up with Macpro eyeshadows!

So the day after MaC-cing (hehe) I went to The Bay to look around and I remembered I hafto check out if they have Too Faced Cosmetics and ask if they E/s insurance unfortunately they don't , bummer! But passed by a Christian Dior Counter looked around a bit then the sales associate was so nice to me so I asked questions about lipsticks and e/s but I was really interested on the Diorshow "Iconic" Mascara so she gave me a little sample ! It's good for 2 to 4 times of applications and let me tell you guys it was gurrrrrgoussssss! My lashes became longer and almost looks like a falsies! I'm really in love with it but my wallet won't allow me to spend $32Can plus taxes....well I won't allow myself spend that much on Mascara ahaha! But I had so much fun using Dior! Definitely on my wishlist: Diorshow Iconic Mascara!

Today, me and my baby went out to look for new sleepers and luckily I found some sales at Zellers I bought her 3 new sleepers that are good for upcoming winter! I bought her bottle liners and baby cookies too! I can't help myself not to go to Mac hehe and I bought this: E/s in Nocturnelle I love the color! love love love the purple! See, its not too bad.... I only got one thing! =P

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