Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's New?!? Part 2

Part 2 of the "what's new" post below! I forgot to mention the big "new" thing to me! Yuppers I got the new Blackberry Curve last weekend. As one of blackberry fanatic I just have to get it! My good old Blackberry Pearl was overdue! But I love my BB Pearl it did an excellent job, very happy until.... Lauren broke it, ahm...she ate it ahaha I'm serious she did put it in her mouth I don't know how long but when I found my cellphone its wet all over and my tracking ball isn't working so I was so pissed off! Not too mention those scratches she added on ngerrr! I can't be too mad at Lauren, she's my baby love! So.... now I can't get enough of Blackberries these days I even signed up at bwahaha! Very addicting I must say! I don't even use my laptop anymore I do it all on my new BB its amazing how u can do it all in this thing! Here is a pic of my new toy:

People don't have me on their YM, MSN, BB msgr, Facebook, Friendster etc etc etc....add me up! There is no excuse not to talk to me hehe! This time I won't let Lauren touch my BB ahaha can't afford to replace this one! LOL!

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