Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stevie Bag

I did told myself not to shop a lot at this time because I gotta budget and save up for the future but when u see something u like that u cant pass up the deal then ur screwed! Ugh! Oh well today was one of those days....just went to the mall to exchange something at Sephora, and go drop off my mail at the post office then I passed by at The Bay (kind of like Macy's here in Canada) that side of the mall where I park my vehicle, so literally me and my daughter is ready to go, I saw a sign all over the store additional 50% off on everything on their clearance items! I stumble on their bag section (duh!) at first i was eyeing for a Juicy Couture cross body bag but it was $120 clearance, even with the percent off its still expensive! Then I saw a couple Steve Madden bags, I grab those two bags right away because a few shoppers are looking around and for sure they are probably in the same situation as me, cant decide wether we do need another purse Lol! But the black hobo style with woven detail on the bottom with convertible straps caught my eye and the size of this purse is like gigantic lol! Its so me....then sold! I love big purses as I do put a lot of my junk in it! This bag is on sale for $56, then aditional half off so its only $28! Thats a huggge savings not to mention the original price was $109! I mean Steve Madden purse for that price? Only $28.......WOW!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good Deal!! I'm trying to stay out of the mall too. I keep shopping, and my bank account is suffering! LOL

Rin said...

I'm a sucker for a good sale too! The bag is classy and cute, so good find!

Pop Champagne said...

awesome deal you got!! *thumbs up* haha