Thursday, September 1, 2011


I bought this awhile ago but for some reason, i dont want to use it lol! Finally.....for a couple weeks now Im using the Urban Decay's Naked pallete! Worth every penny! Lol! So creamy, no fall outs and they are easy to blend! All the colors in this pallete compliments each other! Overall, its a must have for every girls who are into makeup! :)


Pop Champagne said...

ohh you look really nice!

Apple said...

great job,wish it was less expensive here in the philippines, :)

Jannie said...

Wow, wow, wow! Gorgeous look. Very elegant pa. :D Kaya pala in love na in love si JP. Hehe... :D

Naked sure is a very easy palette to work with. Ang dali pang gumawa ng looks. It's very versatile too. That's why I'm so happy I bought mine as well. :D

Haha... Yeah. Maganda ang mga donut magnet. Especially for magnet collectors. Gusto ko din sanang bumili, but it was kinda pricey. Tapos paglalaruan din naman ng Justin. It'd be missing from the fridge for days. :D

You will LOVE San Fran. :) A very fun city. Lots to do and lots to see. I'm sure Lauren will love it too. Tapos punta din kayong Great America pag nagpunta kayo sa Bay Area. Now that's a place Lauren will really enjoy. There's an area there specifically for kids with kid-friendly rides. :)

When you wear the white gown, make sure it's not made out of toilet paper. Hehe... Pero parang tunay na tela, noh? :D