Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maxi Dress

I'm wondering if maxi dress suits me when Jannie mentioned on her FB that she want to buy a Maxi dress, I dunno if she end up buying one though?! I've been wanting a maxi dress for awhile now but I never thought that it will look good on me but since Forever 21 just opened last month I kinda want to try one so I did and I got hooked and got one in Navy blue which I like and its on a yellow tag for $12CDN! Its a strapless smock maxi dress, perfect for summer! Really looks cute with accessories :P! Still not cute on me but oh well...whatever lol! We are planning to go to the beach when the weather warms up so I am excited to wear this babeeeh :D

see ya'll in a bit lovelies................


Jannie said...

WOOOOT! that is one sexy maxi dress. :D girl, i know for sure you will rock the dress. :D i like how it's strapless, so that'll definitely look great with cute accessories like a necklace and some really fierce earrings too. :D

yup, i bought a maxi dress too. sa H&M ko nabili. it has flowers. hehe... looks like F21 has nice ones too. :)

would love to see how gorgeous you are rocking the maxi dress. take care. :)

Arlin said...

That sundress is great! I have the same one, same color from f21