Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well hello! lol! Of course I am updating my blog finally.....but OMG its so hectic for the past couple of weeks for me! First of all, I got a job offer as a Associate Lab Technician at the world's largest eyewear company! I feel so blessed to be part of it! So anyways I quit my old job and started this new job the following week and the week in between, me and my daughter finally moved in to my boyfriend's house! See?! so busy and there are always things going on in my hands this past few days! I feel so exhausted! I hate moving! Just the thought of packing everything and thennnnnnn unpack is crazy ridiculous! grrrr! And our weather here in Winnipeg is freaking North Pole that don't cooperate with our moving time ha! My dad help us with my big things like my bed and my dresser. Its been couple wks now but i still have boxes everywhere in the house staring at me to unpack them but its just im so exhausted from work because i'm not used to working nights *sigh* but once i get used to my new work schedule I have all this projects to do around the house lined up ahaha!

xoxo - nancy

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