Friday, January 21, 2011

New Things....

This is just a quick post because someone is too lazy to work on an actual blogpost in the computer and upload pictures from the camera....yUp ME! So pardon me if this will be short or NOT! And also pics are blurry/crap I'm using my BB to update this! Hmmm! Oh well...LOL!

This new year I won't be doing any resolution but its nice to change up and commit into something better to yourself! And so I told myself I will extra take care of my skin! Its gross when I look at the mirror and my cheeks and nose is flaking dry but at work its so freaking oily on my chin and t-zone, I mean wuts up with that?! Ahaha! So I did my research and obviously Clinique 3steps came up! I tried this b4 and it didn't work for me because I had break outs in the past so I stop using it! I switch to Pro-activ but it keeps my face so dry but pimple free though! Clinique lady in the counter suggested the Dramatically Different Moisturizer in GEL! Not the Lotion because apparently its way too rich for my skin and that maybe caused for me to break out before! Gave me a lil sample to try out and after a week I'm SOLD! My skin was softer and smoother! Flake free on our harsh winter! I noticed too that I'm not too oily on my tzone and chin anymore at work! Also at the Clinique counter she suggested me to try out the wash away Cleanser! Don get me wrong I love my Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Foam but when I tried the Clinique I am amazed! It takes off makeup it one easy step, leaves the skin clean, refresh and so much better :P! Price wise? It ain't cheap! But when I llok around in the drugstore for a good daily moisturizer they cost around $20CDN! The Clinique Moisturizer (gel) 125ml cost $31CDN+taxes and the Cleanser cost $23CDN+taxes! I mean its a good buy nonetheless its important the have health skin anyway! Right?! I'm hoping to keep this up not only this year ahaha!

So next...I also went to MAC but not the same day I went to Clinique but I think a week after! I want to check out the new collections but nah didn't amuse me much but I liked one Lipgloss! They are called "Kissable Lipcolour" the lip container is slimmer to their Dazzleglass/Cremesheen glass but I think u'll get the same amount on their Lipglass! I got the shade of "super"! (Better pics next time!) Its a pretty shade of natural pink but on the brown side :/ if that makes any sense duh! Then I got eyeshadow in "brule`" I wanted a highlight on my browbone but I don't want any shimmer so this one is perfect! I also did a back2mac and I got "all that glitters" (not pictured) I love the shade I just don't know y I don't have it in my MAC e/s collection because its a pretty color!

Last thing...on I got the book "toddlers gone wild" by Rebecca Eckler! If you are a mommy like me then I recommend reading this book and also her first one "wiped"! Its a fun book! I love it! One of the things I wanna do more this year is to read books! At least 12 books in a year, works out to be 1book in a month! Sounds like I could do that! Its only January and this is my 3rd book already! I'm on track!

So in summary: Healthy skin and more books to read in 2011!

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Jannie said...

NANCY! I miss you. Amazing new things, BTW. The Clinique 3-steps is amazing. Well, I do two out of the three steps. Haha... I love the toner and gel moisturizer. Yup, gel is definitely a lot better than the actual lotion. I heard the lotion one can clog pores. The gel one is great for oily skin and non-oily skin too. Hehe... I'm running out of mine. The whole container lasted me a year though. I'm thinking of either replacing it or trying Aveeno's Positively Radiant. I don't know. Hehe...

"Toddlers Gone Wild" looks like an interesting book. Although I don't have a toddler anymore (now that he's five), I'm pretty sure it'll still be a handy read for me. :D

Take care, girl. :)

Iyah said...

I love that lipgloss because its slimmer & thinner! hahha! I want to get me one ^_^