Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Year (Part 2)

Part2 from our 1year Anniversary lol....we keep postponing our Anniversary dinner but last Friday we went out to Corydon Village and dined at Saffron's Restaurant. The place is alright, lots of bad reviews on food and service but some liked just the atmosphere of the place! Ugh we should've went to our fave restaurant but BF wants to change it up a bit lol!

I will contribute on my 2cent on their food at Saffron's, we order appetizers the BF ordered chicken wings which aint bad then I ordered Calamari and lookie I was surprised the way it looked u barely see the calamari :( And for main menu I ordered the Thai coconut shrimp/scalloped noodles! Soooo disappointed! Taste exactly like coconut oil with wasabi! Bf ordered Greek pasta and he said he liked it but nothing special to it.... same as our dessert ahm we orders a slice of cheesecake but its just a normal cheesecake! Oh well at least we tried but the area is lovely! After dinner we walk around Corydon Village, soooo cold that day brrr snowing a little bit! For me its just romantic to just walk with your love one, talking and hold hands and just strolling around together :)

We exchanged gifts couple weeks ago and he got me some cute keyring with "love" engraved on a key shape key lol! It got a heart pink crystal too and a lil wing on the keychain sooo adorable! Also he gave me this necklace....i love the pendant its just cute noh! :) Purple heart and I think its made of glass and inside it has glitters that sparkles when it hit the lights! He knows I love anything heart on my accessories! Oh my present to him is just a chargeable travel shaver! Its so compact that he can bring it when he travel haha! He used it the next day and he said he loves how small it is but still works like a normal shaver yeey!

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Jannie said...

hey, girl. wow. gaganda naman ng gifts na binigay ni BF ah. the hearts are so cute. really love the keyring with LOVE on it. so sweet.

glad you guys had a fun anniversary night. :) sorry to hear you weren't too impressed with the food though. at least you guys loved the place though and that you had great quality time together. :)

oooh. you got the vanity palette too, i see? so pretty, right? i love mine. yeah, for something under $5, that sure is really good pigmentation.

merry christmas, sis. take care. :)