Sunday, December 26, 2010


26th of December is shopping day time here in Canada! We call it Boxing day! Kinda like the "Black Friday" in States! But some people they just want to stay in and get some house chores done or just join the crowd lining up to look whats on sale in stores!

On the same day 3 yrs ago I gave birth to a baby Lauren Christen! Dec 26 to me is no longer just my shopping day but me and my family make sure that we get together and have lunch or dinner to celebrate her birthday! This year me, Lauren and the BF went for Bday breakfast at Denny's, then we did a little bit of our "boxing day" shopping! Mall was hollymollyjolly pack with people ugghh gave me migraine ahaha but I admit I had fun shopping with my 2 loves! BF bought a 7footer Christmas tree for next year and I'm excited to decorate the tree lol! It was a good deal since all the Christmas stuff are all 60% off! I bought my daughter a spiffy shirt for her Birthday and a cute hairclips :P I got small things while at the mall too but nothing exciting! I want to shop more but we are running out of time! We went to pick up my daughter's bday cake at this awesome bakery in the city called Bake Expectations! ohhhh the cake is delish nomnom! We went to Royal Forks Buffet for dinner with the family! Overall today is an awesome day! Tiring but fun!

Again....Happy Birthday to my one and only babylove I love her soooo much and my life is not the same without her! She's my life! :)

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Anna said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren! The cake looks delish nga! :)