Friday, February 13, 2009

Mac Hello Kitty and pretty Lauren

Oh I just realized it's Friday the 13th today! So yesterday I went to the mall early just to see what's the fuss about this Hello Kitty Line at Mac and I thought its going to be full of anxious customers waiting for Hello Kitty since last year! I got there and .....very mellow and no customers at all! The MUAs are just chatting and not doing anything till I walk in and they greeted me and told me how cute Lauren was blah blah! So I was this close of getting the e/s pallete "lucky tom" but I skipped it because I only like Pardisco e/s and those 3 other ones are not really my shade that I wanted to buy or use! But now I want it so I just might go back tomorrow and get it LOL! I walk out in the store with only 3 things (refer to the pic below!)

Sporting my new beauty powder compact! cute huh!? LOL!

(l-r) lipstick in Cute Ster, lipglass in Mimmy and beauty powder in Tahitian Sands

So after I got my HK stuff, we went to food court because my lil one is complaining! Then after the yummy lunch we had, we walked around the mall window shopping and we passed by the kid's playground/play area! I figured I will let Lauren play for a bit...there are only 2 kids there so I won't be worrying about Lauren getting all squish and push by big kids! Lauren played for like half an hour then kids started to fill up the place but Lauren seem to like playing with other kids/babies! She tried so hard standing up and down the slide! I know she wants to go up the slides like those other kids do! She likes to keep up with everyone even though she cant walk by herself yet!

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Iyah said...

Yay for HK stuff!! YES get the palette my dear! You won't regret it :) Your baby is sooo darn cute! :D