Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Gear

Oh boyyy! Yeppers baby stuff gets expensive gaaah and didnt realized that at all while picking out stuff for our baby! With my daughter (shes 5 now!) i didnt had the chance to pick out anything because I had a baby shower plus I dont know whats good in this and that in terms of baby stuff! But this time I want specific things for baby and me and my honey bur decided not have a baby shower! I started buying baby stuff even before we found out the gender of our baby, i bought more neutrals but when we finally found out we are having a boy of course thats when i started collecting more on boy things! i didnt spend to much I would think! The process of me buying stuff for baby is very minimal i didnt go over the top! I just went practical on whatever I need! I took advantage on going to garage sales, summer time is great to to do my shopping, got good deals on some big ticketed items from garage sales and also I keep an eye on gently used items online like on Kijiji or on FB buy and sell groups! But I knew I wanted a brandnew, good quality and more expensive carseat and esp stroller so when we got money gifts from both of our family we spend it on buying the Britax B-agile travel system! After few months of looking, dreaming and researching for reviews online and showed to the baby daddy what i want, we finally settled to get it :) i was over the moon because i know i really really love it! I also bought a new diaper bag and i really liked the Skip Hop brand so i got that one and waited to go on sale at babies r us saved 30%off lol! Then this August is a breastfeeding month and i heard of special offers all month long on baby stuff for free just pay shipping so I ordered the carseat canopy for free on (check it out!) hope i'll get on time before baby comes :) the canopy will look great ober my britax carseat carrier! Also there is an offer on a free baby sling at im so tempted to order one but we just bought a similar item not too long ago so i didnt bother! I have at least 2-3 wks before baby comes (no induce date yet!) so excited! Keep u guys updated! :)

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