Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pregnancy Update: GD!

Hello my blog readers! Remember my face? Haha jk! So here is my pregnancy update: Im almost 16 wks pregnant and Im just getting back into things but I still have days when I just dont feel at my best! On my 13th wk they diagnosed me with Gestational Diabetes, they put me on a serious blood sugar monitoring for a week but I failed that and started my Insulin intake 3days ago! Its not too bad like I expected! Doctors and her staff helped me in so many ways that it looks so easy to cope up with my situation! My family dont have Diabetes history and I didnt have GD when i was pregnant with Lauren (my 5yr old DD) so I was shock when they told me that I have GD with this pregnancy! I still prick my fingers 4times a day to check my blood sugar and now I have to inject insulin but only once a day! Im so scared dealing with needles but my Dr's assistant taught me some tricks not to hurt so much, its easy actually! Im just worried if my baby inside is ok! I'll be going to a numerous test and fetal assessments until I gave birth and after I gave birth! Hope everything will be fine. I dont want to think too much as its too stressful to deal with this GD ugh! Ill be fine, i have to be strong for baby right?! :)

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Jannie said...

From what I can see, you are GLOWING, sis. :) Pregnancy is definitely one of the best beautifiers ever. :)

Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes though. I should've done my research more, but naaalis ba 'yon after pregnancy? Even with the insulin shots, I'm pretty sure the baby will be fine. I just hope the GD will go away once the baby arrives.

Ay. Oo nga pala. Lapit na pala birthday mo. The Naked Basics palette would make a lovely birthday present along with the Sephora present. I wonder if it's still going to be the Fresh Sugar Balms. I like them a lot. :)