Saturday, January 28, 2012

Steve in Pink

The bright pink caught my eye right away, i dont have anything like it in my purse collection.....i have too many purses but i dont think i have "too" many anyways lol! Its not my typical bag i would pick, usually i want black or brown purse its easy to match every outfits but I wear a lot of blacks and neutral colors lately and i think its nice to have a pop of color especially on accessories and my excuse is to purchase a new bright pink purse! Its nicer in person...the pic didnt show the gold hardware detail on the bag ugh oh well thats the only pic i could find online lol! But it comes in different colors too but im loving the pink :) so what u guys think? Nahhhh i think its cute eh? Lol! Oh the bag cost like $40 + tax so almost $45, the price is reasonable but still i consider it like a splurge i know eh its not like i bought a real Chanel bag haha i know who doesnt like bargains ha!


Jannie said...

The bag is super CUTE, sis. :) The price isn't too bad either. I say, "Why not?" Hehe... Before everyone grabs, grab it soon. It is a cute bag everyone will love. Especially it being pink. :D

So cool you have Party of Five Glitters too. Been loving this nail polish since I got it. :) Removing it is a nightmare, I have to admit. Kaya bumili na akong pure acetone. I'm sure you guys have a Sally's Beauty Supply too. If you can, get Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone. Medyo mapapadali ang pag-alis ng glitter when you use it. It's not going to be speedy, but A LOT faster than regular nail polish remover. :)

Jannie said...

Thank you, sis. Thanks din sa eyeshadow. Really liking GOSH. Hehe... I'm thinking of using the mauve one for a Valentine's look pag sinipag ako.

I miss seeing posts from you. Ingat, sis. :)