Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for everything I got for having such a wonderful family and friends! I am thankful for having the smartest adorable cutest baby girl! I am thankful That i found HIM in my life, never imagined i would find Love again! I am thankful for Online shopping ....just a click away and yup its awesome! :P

Pic 1 and 2 is from most of their things online are priced $5.99 check it out they have cool things! They do ship here in Canada for a reasonable price! I picked out a faux fur crossbody purse looks totally adorable! And i was supposed to get a tan colored wrap/crdigan but it was sold out so i just picked out another item which was this cute black blouse with beaded details which maybe u cnt see in the pic lol!

Pic 3 and 4 Was of course from (canada) i did get a maxi dress for $11.99 it was on sale, summer is over but i can still wear it with a jacket or boots with it! I also got the cute gold bangle that has crinkled design so cute it it was only $6.80! I id get a free shipping code from LouLou Magazine so i took advantage and order couple thngs! Why not right?!

Pic 5 and 6 from ohh this site is great they have everything i mean everything! Free shipping international! I ordered sheild protector for my ipad (not pictured) but i found adorable bracelets! I am so into layering or stacking my bracelets lately! I love leather style bracelets so i ordered two in different styles! I got the pandora-ish ones and the leather strands with magnetic closure! They also have adorable nailpolish and different kinds of cheap gadgets but didnt get any of that yet i will see how it goes with ordering with them first then i will make a bigger purchase!

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Jannie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys in Canada. Kelan ba uli Thanksgiving nyo? Hope you had a fun celebration with your loves. :)

Hahaha... Thankful for online shopping. LOL. Same here. Nakakaadik nga lang. At least you found some awesome deals online. The purse is adorable and I LOVE the maxi dress. So pretty and colorful. Definitely unique too. I can see it in the fall with a cardigan or even a badass leather jacket. And yes, boots. :D

ELF studioline brushes. Wala pa ako nyan. I'd like to try the face brushes like the complexion and brush ones. Meron akong dalawang tig-$1 from the essentials line. I love them. :)

The thought of ruining MAC brushes is quite scary. I hardly use mine either. Well, I did use my 217 quite a lot though kaya nag-fade na ang logo. Luckily the bristles are still okay. Hehe...

Wow. I might check out that site you ordered from. It's hard to resist $5.99 deals. LOL. :D