Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm not a Baby!

Baby shampoo is amazing! I will never switch my daughter's shampoo into anything...and ever since she was born I keep repurchasing these over and over! But not only for her but for me too lol! Here are the many uses of the amazing baby shampoo!

My baby Lauren uses as:
-shampoo (of course)
-bubble bath
-damp towel with baby shampoo for wipes ( I use disposable wipes but at home i do not want to waste a lot on wipes because they r expensive!)

My uses as:
-makeup remover (just recently....amazing!)
-Makeup brush cleaner
-shampoo (I use these when I forgot my own shampoo!)
-shower gel
-shaving gel (it works try it!)
-sometimes I do use these to wash my delicates esp during my monthly thing lol
-cure eye infections such as stye and chalazions (story...below!)

Uses that I haven't try:
-washing a vehicle (hmm I might try this to my brandnew car "Mitch")
-body scrub just add sea salt
-great for bathing ur pets too ( I don't have a pet)
-cuticle softener
-zipper lubricant (huh? Interesting)

Anywho...few months ago I noticed a bump on my eyelids but it don't bother me like those styes I got in the past! But couple months ago it really started to bother me then a tiny bump is starting besides my old bump so I was alarmed and went to a doctor! Dr prescribed an antibiotic tablets for me to take it orally 4times a day for 3days! He said I have an eye infection called "chalazion", i will see results in couple weeks if my bump will disappear but 3 wks past and nothing it looked worst, the new bump is too big that everybody is noticing it! I tried expensive antibiotic drops and do hot compresses with warm damp towel but it made my eyes to water and thats the start when I got goweeey gross things in my eyes ewww! I called the doctor and refer me to an eye specialist they might do a minor surgery on it, I got so nervous but so anxious to get it done! While waiting for my appointment on the specialist, I do my research online, I saw a girl on YouTube recommending baby shampoo to wash eyes if you are prone to eye infections such as styes, chalazions, red eyes etc etc! So I tried! Not even two weeks that I'm using baby shampoo to cleanse my eyes and I can see a difference! My bump went smaller and those icky things are gone too now but the bump is still there but it went down on size! I was amaze by it! Too bad my eye appointment is this coming Tuesday! Lol!

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chetzmosa said...

i use baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes and sometimes as body wash lol. i have the blue one and it smells great. =) thx for accepting me sa fb pala! hehehe

Jannie said...

Yikes. Chalazions sound painful. My first time hearing about them, so I learned something new. I'm glad you had the bump removed already. Alam ko kasi sa Twitter mo, naoperahan na. Hehe... I hope hindi na masakit. :)

Baby shampoo is AMAZING. I buy big bottles of them for Justin and my makeup brushes. LOL. Even though Justin is six and according to him, not a baby anymore, I still have him use baby shampoo. Sometimes, he uses it as bodywash too when he's out of the actual bodywash for babies. I used it myself when I ran out of shampoo. Love the smell. I also love its no more tears formula too and how it makes the hair soft.

It's great to know that there are so many uses for it. Especially for treatment purposes. Thanks for the tips, Nancy. :)