Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Randoms

Friday is always something i look forward to every week! Its the beginning of my days off! I slept for a little bit then me and my daughter went to eat in the mall, of course we shop a lil bit coz its pay day wooot! Lauren and i went F21 on the accessories dept as usual, i bought couple things....i will take a pic soon or do a haul post again later lol! The the bf and us went to the country in Lorette to his parents house to house-dog-sit for the weekend! On our way there we saw 3 hot air balloons! I only managed to take 2 hot air balloons on the pic haha! Oh all week i stayed at my dad's house as our bathroom is going under renovations! So this wkend is perfect timing to stay out in the city and just enjoy our quiet time here in the country! :)


Jannie said...

Ang pretty naman ni Lauren. Mana sa Mommy. :) Love her hat and lavender shirt with flowers. She is already a mini-fashionista. :D

Hot air balloons are awesome. Wish I could ride one. It's a good thing you managed to take a pic of at least one. :D I don't think I've seen any in the air yet. Well, not yet in person.

What's up with BFs not being too into sushi? LOL. It's a good thing we are able to drag them along. Hehehe... Sushi is AWESOME. :D

Thanks so much for the lovely compliment on my maxi dress. Hope to see your F21 haul soon. Am looking forward to it.

If you are still in the countryside, enjoy it. Take care. :)

Pop Champagne said...

nice photos! and hehe gotta loveee pay days!

Jannie said...

Sis, I tagged you for an award. :D

chetzmosa said...

i’ve never seen a hot air balloon in person, sa movies lang. and i’ve always wanted to get on it....

don’t stress too much, nakakasira ng beauty yan sis. hehehe.

wickeRmoss said...

lovely daughter! loin your site, followed :))