Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guess What?!

Hello ya'll....another random update as usual lol! Anywhooooo I am blogging right now on blackberry coz I'm out and about with a friend and I'm just waiting and bored at the moment ahaha! So let me share a couple pics here, 1st pic: I got my hair trimmed and I asked my hairdresser for a "swaggy" bangs but it went a lil long than what I wanted it to be oh well whatever! Oh also finally joined the uniform program at my workplace, in the pic I'm wearing my fleece jacket, really nice to have a warm fleece especially in a cold weather we are having now brrr! And I got 2 shirts and 2 polo shirts too! For me uniform is a big yes coz I don't like staring at my closet too long and can't decide what to wear for work! We are obligated to wear it coz we didnt pay for it or else it'll come out of our paycheck bwahaha! Alright let's move on to the 2nd pic: GUESS what is in this picture!?? My boyfriend can't even guess what it is even my Dad so if u have a good eye or whatever lemme know what it is...maybe if ur guess is right I maybeeeeeee give a lil something for the 1st person who will get exactly what it is :D Comment now 2 see what u guys/gals gonna say or think on my lil pic-what-puzzle thing LOL!

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chetzmosa said...

soap in a car wash? lol wild guess.

Jannie said...

on the second pic, i was guessing water. lol. then taking a better look, it looks quite like a solid object. i really dunno what it is. it could be a very pretty makeup palette. who knows? hahaha...

yeah, i agree. for dresscode, uniform is so much better. saves lots of time to pick out outfits. in my old position, all i had was black and white to choose from. that wasn't so hard. i can wear color in my new position, but for some reason, i got too attached to black and white and still wear them. it's easier, i guess. lol.

happy weekend. glad to see a new post from you. :D