Friday, August 21, 2009

Essie Nails

Two weeks ago I bought my very first Essie ( nailpolish in "sole mate" Its a rich deep dark purple, really really cute! Expensive? Ahm YES but it was on sale at Shoppers for $8.99CDN the regular price was $10.99 so I only saved $2 hahaha! Whatever! I was gonna buy one anyways sale or not, I just want to try it out whats so special on these Essie nailpolishes! Why they are expensive than any other nailpolishes? Maybe because they don't contain any Formaldehyde, DBP or Toluen and also claims to be durable and chip-resistant! So to break down my Essie experience here are my few pros and cons:

-packaging is cute
-great consistency
-easy to dry
-not streaky
-no harmful chemicals (like I stated above...)
-long wear (lasted 2wks on my toes!)

-way too expensive
-brush is thin and stiff
-less shade selection in store
-shades are easy to find in other brands (dupable)
-although it is pigmented u still needs at least 3 coats

Will I buy more Essie nailpolishes? Maybe not anytime soon! OPI is still the best for me but I'm still happy with my Essie purchase though because now I love it on my toes because it last long! So now I know why some people raves about this nailpolish LOL! Overall to me, Essie is just an OK nailpolish!

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Jannie said...

what a coincidence. hahaha... i started getting into essie nail polishes too. at trade secret last week, they were buy one, get one free. one is like $8.00, so that is quite pricey. then again, if you get two for $8, it's not so bad. i hope they're still buy one, get one for $8. i'll be sad if they're not. haha...

amazing review, btw. your pros are right on target. :D i really like how they dry easily and that they last a while. i've been wearing this color since monday night and i don't see a single chip yet. :) as for cons, yeah, there's this yellow shade that takes about 3 coats to actually become opaque. and yeah, i couldn't find very many shades. i agree with that one too.

as for our little ones, they sure are our #1 source of happiness. they make great company and they are just so adorable. :)

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

im not a nail polish person but this is expensive looks pretty though. you should do you nails and take photo of it so we can see :)

thanks for stopping by my blog. im doing ok. i have been a little sick but im okay :)


Anonymous said...

i love your stuff lahat branded *envy mode* lol for sure that nail polish would be $10 0r more gosh!. thank you for the comment on nyx pear mania look . I love that e/s hehe super thanx

Jannie said...

hmm... now i'm craving for broccoli and cheese. melted cheddar with broccoli is verrry yummy. :D

ah. thanks sa comment about the accessories. i think i remember getting each of them for less than $5, which is a really good deal. F21 has great deals on accessories pretty much most of the time. :)

Pop Champagne said...

haha $2 is not bad! That's 20% off! but yeah that is pretty expensive...

I also agree that LC's line is way too expensive, how many people who watch the Hills will spend $300 on a dress, and I doubt high fashion people take her line seriouslly cuz she was in a reality TV show, ha!