Friday, August 7, 2009

10th Pic and 7 Traits Tags

I got tagged by lovely Krystal on 10th Picture Tag!

* Open your first photo folder
* Scroll down to the 10th photo
* Post that photo and story on my blog
* Tag five {or more} friends to do the same

My 10th picture on my first photo folder on my memory card as my new netbook's photo folder is still empty! So here is my daughter Lauren on her adorable outfit :D she's wearing leggings and her golden sandals lol! We are about to head out but I just have to get a pic of her! She won't look at the camera...she's too busy looking at a photo frame that she's holding hihihi!

Then I got another tag by the sweetest Jannie...My 7 Traits Tag!
1. I am very shy first lang ha LOL!
2. I got short temper but I tried not to go crazy about it...if that really make any sense!
3. Procrastinator, I'm like this since grade school haaay!
4. I can't sleep with the lights on, I love darkness I guess!
5. I can be talkative but u have to know me first b4 I could be talking about anything
6. I really don't have that much of a patient but being a mom taught me to have lots of patient!
7. I will always believe in LOVE! Despite of all the love troubles I had in the past!

I tag everybody to do both tags! ciao lovelies! laters! :D


BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

awwww...your duaghter is too cute!!

thats good. dont stop believing in love.

Pop Champagne said...

aww your daughter is cute. hehe I have a temper too, I've been trying to control it but it hasn't been working out haha

Jannie said...

i love lauren's shirt and sandals. she's a mini-fashionista already. hehe... parang si mommy nya. :D adorable pa. parang si mommy nya din. :D

oh yeah, i can't sleep with the lights on either. it's not soothing or calming enough. either that or we are just big fans of darkness. hehe... ingat, sis. :)