Monday, November 5, 2018

Opps I Did it Again!

Yes I did it again! I abandoned blogging again! I guess with all the convenience of other social media platforms its so easy to be overwhelm on where to post pictures and videos! I used to have SnapChat and I enjoyed using that for awhile but when Instagram introduced the feature of Insta Stories then I just ditched SnapChat lol! I also closed my Twitter account long time ago because my account got hacked by some loser posting Arabic politics issues ugh whatever!

But at this moment I do focused mainly on Instagram and on my Youtube channel. Yes I post videos on Youtube. Actually I post videos on and off over the years but never consistent. My channel is not big as other high paid Youtubers out there but I am happy of the progress I made over the years. Slowly but surely. For the longest time I could not think or decide what would it be as my content. I tried doing makeup videos because I love makeup, I also did a few shopping haul videos where I share my love of shopping, & I did daily vlogs where I featured my family, what we do in our everyday lives (that didn't work out well lol!) And then finally I shared a Thrifting haul and since then I got positive feedbacks on my thrifting hauls and vlogs. I would say Thrifting is my main focus now in my Youtube Channel. I am having so much fun sharing my thrift finds and sometimes viewers are interested in buying some of the items I found.

So I then discovered the world of reselling! Who would've thought that reselling community online is HUGE! I've been reselling locally here and there but there are lots of things to learn when it comes to reselling online. I tried Ebay but posting items there is kind of complicated, so I stick to selling on Kijiji, its a buy and sell online but mainly locally. I was watching a thrift vlogger on Youtube one night and he was using this buy & sell app called Depop, also available here in Canada, so I gave it a try. So far I like using it, very straight forward in posting your items. The only thing I didn't like with Depop is the high Depop fees in US dollars. So if you are a seller here in Canada like me, you will have the same issues like I do. Buyers are complaining why I priced my items in US dollars when Im in Canada? oh well! Good news though Poshmark is going to be available here in Canada. I bet all Canadian Resellers are so excited with this news. Hopefully its going to be better that Depop. So we'll see eh! lol!

So if anyone is interested in checking my Youtube Channel, Instagram and Depop Page it will be all below for you guys! Thanks!


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thrifted LOUIS VUITTON...Fake or Not?!

 Just another day thrifting at Value Village (same as Savers in the US) I spotted on this Louis Vuitton piece, I got excited to pick up off the rack and snugged it right aways before anyone else will! lol! I inspected thoroughly, theres a crease on the front that is very noticeable but I figured its alright, I still go through it and look for the date code! But unfortunately after few minutes flipping, opening and closing the purse i didn't find the date code, I even went on my iPhone and Google it whats this LV piece called! Louis Vuitton Epi Bleu Demi Lune Pochette! Anyways, I questioned myself if I will buy the bag! It was priced $9.99 but i have a 30% off coupon card from donating stuff there all the time! Half an hour later I walked around the store and decided to take it anyways! For $7....Im not loosing much money anyways if this turns out not real! I search more info online when I got home, I got really curious as every details on the bag is on point! The stitching, the leather, the lining, the stamp label, the hardware, the measurements etc...just without date code! The only explanation I found online why theres no date code on the bag is, it could be vintage because from mid 80s below some LV pieces don't have date codes especially smaller pieces like pochettes. Im still not satisfied on that information, i need someone knowledgable about luxury pieces to tell me if this piece I got thrifted is Real or Fake?! What do you guys think? 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Almost a Year!

I didn't mean to abandon this blog page, but there are lots of things went on and I just totally forgot about this blog! Apologies to the person still reading this post lol!

I want to revamp this blog page soon as I have some ideas on top of my head but for now I won't be promising just yet because if you know me I might as well jinx it haha! But any suggestions for this blog page are welcome and I will consider it! I miss blogging! I don't have all the free time in the world but I want to set a time for blogging again. Having 2 kids are a handful and also I started working part time again as a Field Safety Inspector/Consultant, I am liking this job and I am thinking to take some courses to enhance and widen my career in this field but that will be on my bucket list for now... for my future self lol!

I have so many things to write on this blog but again I am all out of words!  I will just update you with our recent family picture! =)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Blushed Nudes

Im not even aware that Maybelline came up with such awesome nude cosmetic products! ahhh I'm so inlove with the eyeshadow palette ! Yes reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked Palette but Maybelline is much more reasonable price of course ($12.96CDN) and u can find it at any drugstore, walmart, superstore etc etc. The nailpolish in "Mink Lust" is so darn pretty ($3.49CDN), perfect for a wedding event! (can't decide yet if it'll be used in my wedding day...we shall see lol!) Im so excited to play around with this eyeshadows and see what I think! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Only 2.5 more months before our big day! Im excited and nervous at the same time! I guess its more scarier to be married the 2nd time around (my 2nd...this is my fiance's first) I don't want to have a perfect wedding day because I know that it wont be happening lol! I just want the day to be a fun one for everyone! So August 29th 2015 *sigh* THIS IS IT!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


I recently got engaged! Yey! Last August 3rd of this year my honey proposed (will i knew because he asked me way back when i was not ready!) anyways I finally said YES! Lol! We love each other and our family is complete now! I feel so blessed! We set the date for our wedding and it'll be next year on August 29, 2015. We started booking the Church, we are still looking for our venue and photgraphers and such! It'll come together im pretty sure, its THE day of our lives that we will never forget! :)
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Weather

Fall is my fave season! I am excited to wear my scarves, fall jackets and boots! Im also excited for fall flavoured coffees and teas! And now I am excited for a lot of soup that ive been seeing lately, especially when I tried the Campbell's Creamy Thai...ohhh Loooove it. I bought 6 cans of them and thank goodness I did because when I went to 2 different Walmarts they are sold out for couple wks ugh! They have 2 other kinds of gourmet soups but this one is far best that I tried! :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lucky Me

I believe into a lot of things but sometimes I dont believe myself that I could do things! Yup, I am lacking confidence but I am working on it! :)

On my previous post I mentioned I am changing career and want to take Pharmacy technician but unfortunately with schedule, childcare and financial it wont work for us! I just dont know what to do, i really dont have plan B, i applied jobs that suits my experience but nobody seems to be hiring at the moment! Hard to admit that i am in the verge of depression! I was so unhappy and hard to function around my love ones! But when I see my kids enjoying my full time stay at home, the feeling is just priceless! Not in one day that i dont think of what i want to do with my life...i just have to do something! If Pharmacy Tech dont work then maybe there is something out there that can work for me! So i looked it up and came across a course that interest me, Dietary aide and Food Services Nutrition. With this certicate, I can actually work in hospitals, homecare or even hotels. So I decided to register at the College and will start this fall! I will just do a part time schooling during evenings so childcare wont be an issue for the kids. Plus its a short course 3-4mos, it'll come by quickly! The tuition I paid myself and didnt rely on government help (which they denied my childcare cost when I applied for help through province's employment insurance) So crossing my fingers and toes that everything will fall into place career wise and wont regret this change in my life! Its been stressful lately but I still believe that I am the luckiest woman to have 2 wonderful/adorable kids, my supportive family and most especially my partner, my rock, my love of my life for his unconditional love and support. Without them, I'll go cray-cray! Lol! ;)

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Career Talk

I'll be loosing my job very soon due to shut down permanently, been trying to think a lot what Im going to do, if I'll look for a another job OR take this opportunity to go back to school! Im thinking to take Pharmacy Technician and its the closest to what Ive been doing as an Optical Lab tech! They dont offer in any school for an upgrade or course related for Optical Lab Technician so this is a change of career for me! I am nervous if I will get into the program! I havent been into school in like 10yrs! Lol! So weird to be inside class and do homeworks etc! It'll be a 10month schooling that includes practicum/training! Im excited but nervous at the same time! Another thing too is this is my first time to put both kids to daycare! On my oldest I never put her into one as I always worked opposite shifts but this time, i need to toughen up and let it go! Not too bad on my DD, she only need before and after school daycare but for my DS he's still a little baby and needs mommy :( ugh Just thinking about it is making me cry! Im doing this not for myself but its for both of my kids! 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

I wish......